Manufacturing Quote Form

Please fill out your manufacturing spec. There is also an open ended Project Notes at the bottom that you can use to paste in your existing spec.
If you need spec development services, we do have packaging engineering on hand to help - pls see our Spec Development Request Page.








Media Type(s)

No media / packaging only Packaging only
If this is an order for packaging only (no media), please let us know. Min qty's may be higher.
Discs make a selection.

Discs (CD, DVD, BlueRay)
Includes the manufacturing of pressed discs & disc printing up to 5C.
Pressed Discs- injection molding, (i.e., substrate is poured out into mold), metal layer with data is formed with metal stamper (made from glass master made from client master).

Recordable Discs - are made with a special layer that allows you to write the content. Use these only if you have a special need like customized data content.

Mini Discs - Special small versions of discs. Depending on the mold available, there are options for round and rectangular card.
Clear Substrate Discs - uses a mini disc mask with clear substrate out to the edges. Data Size will be small (Mini Disc Size), physical size the same as a standard full size disc. MIN QTY ORDER 1000 UNITS.

Please indicate the disc type or types if it is a multidisc set.

USB Drive

LCD Video Panel Monitors- Video panels built into packaging such as boxes, kiosk stands, or presentation folders. MIN order can be as low as 100 units and 50 units for the larger 7" and 10" screens. Pls use the Media Notes Section below to tell us about the QTY.

Memory is adjustable, pls let us know what your title needs.

Standard number of programmable buttons is three. if you need more, please let us know.


Pls include:

Type of packaging
Dimensions / Number of printed panels
How media is held (tray, hub, pocket, foam well, sleeve etc)
If a booklet is part of it, how booklet is held (pocket, inner pages etc)
Materials (paper type & thickness or material type)
Printing 4C cmyk or if pms number of colors
Any special effect printing or die cuts needed

Booklet / Inner Pages / Separate Book

Pls Include:

Number of pages
Type of Binding
Covers & fly sheets if needed, and if different type of paper
Paper type
Paper thickness
How book, booklet, or inner pages are attached in package, or if companion
Printing 4C cmyk or if pms number of colors
Any special effect printing or die cuts needed

Additional Packaging


(comes with) includes PDFs + a cmyk matchprint on unassembled (flat sheets), glossy paper, up to 22pp for color matching sent FedEx. It will not show any special effects printing or special materials.

Special Proofs
are often ordered for clients who want to see particular color matching, special effects, or outcome on special paper stocks:
- color outcome on fiberboard stock
- a particular color saturation
- color outcome with matte lam
- color outcome on uncoated paper
- art cards watercolor print
- foil versus metallic

Unprinted Mock Ups are great for clients who want to check dimensions or construction materials. Note these are hand cut.


Note - we do not insert client provided items


(one addr), UPS or FedEx
(one addr)

, Trucking requires dock
, pls provide addr
Standard shipping is about 5-7 days, on addr in the US.

For our international clients, let us know the full address, projects ship DDU.

Split shipments
to more than one address can also be done, but not at a mailing house level with many individual addresses.



Budget - pls give us an idea of what your overall budget is


Standard Schedule is Fine

Pls let us know if you have a schedule crunch. In hand need date, and willingness to skip physical proofs / go with digital proofs only.
Schedule Needed

  • When do you plan to do the manufacturing?
  • How far along in the project are you?
    Is there a specific date you need these by?

Schedule-Normal schedules for discs run 2-3 weeks after physical proof approval. USBs require about 3 weeks, Video LCDs require about 4 weeks.

Project Notes

Pls enter any other notes about your project spec.

Spec Development - do you need help?
Many of our clients need assistance developing a spec that is ready for a manufacturing quote. There are many details that can be reviewed to make the product really spectacular. We can help you with:
- the product; determining what you need in your package (media, books, etc)
- the best type of packaging based on look, feel, retail presence, distribution, etc
- the best type of packaging for your budget
- full spec development by a packaging engineer including dimensions & materials, and calculation of product weight to be used in shipping portion of quote
- custom dies
- printing spec and special printing effects discussion
- multiple quotes if you want to compare manufacturing costs on different specs to determine your price point

We will want to first go over qty & budget to make sure it is a good fit, and then if so, we can invoice hourly. Consulting is done via email. Please see our Spec Development Page.



When you are ready to order...

-- let us know your project title, address (final product and proofing if different)
-- method of payment (wire w/ 5% cash discount or card)
-- we will send you templates for layout
-- you will need to upload print ready art when you have done the layout, and replication ready data for your media. Most clients like Dropbox or GoogleDrive.