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    We love to do work for churches. Whether it is a sermon, bible study series, leadership conference, marriage workshops, church welcome kit, or music, we love to be a part of it. Let us know what you need. Meanwhile, take a look at what other organizations did and maybe it will spark some idea for you.

  • Christian Ministry Box Sets - USB, Book, Disc

    These Box Sets are made with a rigid chipboard core, and wrapped with a 4C printed paper. The inside can also be printed. If we're doing a USB, we can either make a foam well or a cardboard shelf to hold the us. The boxes can be made any size. Common add ons are discs (cd or dvd) and booklets.

    1 Piece Hinged Box or 2 Piece Lifting Lid
    Dimensions: common is 5x5" & 9x12"
    Media Options: USB, CD, DVD, Book, Booklet, Card, Pencil, Sticker, Key chain, etc.
    Packaging Options: Foam well, cardboard shelf, foam hub, printing inside
    Sealing Options: leave unsealed for flexibility in what to add, tab seal, shrinkwrap, velcro tab

    Christian box set cd slipcase dvd multidisc packaging
    christian box set packaging multidisc english spanish titles slipcase setchristian church box set packaging digipaks slipcase gold embossing debossing 3 disc
    Christian Box Set USB  book DVD discChristian Packaging media Manufacturing USB Box Setchristian media production dvd box usb  book Christian USB Box set packaging printingChristian USB Box Set Packaging Church MinistryUSB Box Set Packaging cardboard shelf key shape

  • Vintage Look - Try Leather & Linen Fabric, Parchment or Distressed Paper

    Other Box Options - Leather & Linen Fabric

    vintage box set linen wrapvintage box set leather wrapvintage linen book cd dvd linen colors book, box, album jacketDistressed paper album christian printing packaging publishingvintage packaging christian media publishingvintage printed packaging

  • Hardbound Books with Discs / Story Books, CD Books or DVD Books

    Hardbound books can be made with our without discs. If we are making discs for you, the disc can be held in a tray, pocket, glued on sleeve, or with a hub. Inner pages can vary from 12pp up to 84.. Book height can be any dimension.
    christian cd book two discchristian media replication set multidisc 2cd
    christian book title media publication 2 cd set
    christian cd publishing 2cd book hardbound

  • Multi Disc CD and DVD Sets with Trays

    We can do any number of discs in a multi-disc set, as well as USBs. Include your sermons, your music, your performances, your documentaries...if you can master it, we can replicate it!

    A popular packaging option is what we call a "Mega Tall" package. We can make these with clear plastic trays or foam hubs or trays, and (new!) even compressed paper trays.

    Christian multidisc set printing packaging publication relevationschristian book of revelation multidisc set publishingChristian ministries multidisc set dvd deliverance slipcase box setchristian publishing dvd multidisc set printed packagingCatholic multidisc set publishing media productionCatholic publishing press media productionMinistry disc packaging for multi cd dvdchristian ministry media printing publishing multidisc 4 cd set

    christian media production tall multidisc setChristian media publication tall multidisc dvd cd set

  • Cross Shaped Packaging -- Single or Multidisc

    Available with any number of discs, can be made with trays, hubs or pockets!
    Cross Shaped Packaging Multidisc Set Media PublishingChristian music cross shaped publishing packaging 5 disc setCross shaped cd dvd pack

  • Multidisc Jacket Sets, Notebooks, Single Disc Jackets and Folders

    Pockets, Hubs, and Glued on Sleeves are all plastic alternatives with Jackets & Folders. Jackets are frequently 7 or 9 inch height, and portfolio folders can be larger to accommodate full size books.
    Christian conference multidisc set 4 disc packaging cd dvd womens conferencemultidisc set packaging church christian 4 disc tall jacketchristian multidisc set packaging tall jacket 4 cd dvd multidisc set christian church packaging 4 disc setChristian media replication 4 cd multidisc set Multidisc set Christian media publicationChristian media cd dvd set marriage truths class Christian dvd set marriage truthschristian media replication dvd cd set multidisc packaging

  • Single Disc DIgipaks and Jackets

    Single disc titles are often 5 or 7 inch height. Here are some examples:
    Church choir christmas cd releasechoir christmas album cd release chritian media publication Christian ministries artists cd dvd disc manufacturingchurch stained glass art cd dvd title media publishingChristian artists cd publishing mediachristian artists cd release embossing media publishingchristian cd release spot gloss embossingcustom tuck envelope cd packaging media productionchristimas release cd packagingchristmas album cd packaging organic christian christmas packaging fiberboard jacketstall portfolio notebook folderChristian workshop notebook packaging cd production

  • Church Welcome Kit

    One church we were working with needed a welcome kit for new members or visitors. The criteria included: something like an open box to different items could be put in for different people, must have a way to hold a disc, must be inexpensive. The church had staff available to do assembly if that helped the cost. What we came up with was a box that folded up like a church with open gables, and a foam hub that could be applied to any panel.


    church welcome kit box style cdchurch welcome kit packaging printing disc christian media

  • Slipcases for Cd / Dvd Multi Disc Sets

    Slipcases are a great way to bundle multiple volumes and / or books together. We can make them with regular paper stock (15/16pt on up to 21pt is common) or we can make a more rigid box set using chipboard and wrapping with linen or a leatherette material.
    DVD package for christian ministry Christian title vintage look Slipcase multidisc set Christian medis publication multidisc setchristian media publishing slipcase set die cut windowchristian slipcase mailer address space on back
    Slipcase 18pt stock with lamination and die cut hole windowSlipcase double wall construction dvd size amaray cases

  • Adding Books, Notebooks, Posters, and Spiral Bound Books

    Depending on how many pages the book is, it can either inside the main packaging, or as a companion item alongside the packaging in a slipcase.
    Slipcase set spiral bound notebook Spiral notebook box set dvdspiral notebook slipcase box set cd dvd packagingbox set disc paper tray flip book notebook spiralmultidisc box set spiral notebook leather wrapspiral bound notebook disc pocketChristian marriage counseling workbooks disc setposter custom disc packagingnotebook flipbook art perfect boundFlipbook vellum paper custom printing pencil set

  • Video Boxes and Brochures

    LCD Video Panels can be placed into box or brochure packaging, or a lobby kiosk. The video can be uploaded and changed out as needed. Video box foam felt cushionvideo screen presentation box lcd monitor Video Screen Box  foam wells for retail productsLeather video gift presentation boxLeather gift box video card panel insideVideo presentation folder christian media publishingvideo lobby display stand kiosk Video Book small lcd panel screen insideeducational marketing video book cirriculum
    video folder lcd panels

  • Die Cut Shapes and Lettering

    Die cuts are always available to help get your point across. These can be in any shape, such as a cross or letters. die cut lettering christian titles printing servicesdie cut lettering christian media printing publishing

    See Also: Die Cuts

  • CD Mailers with Zipper Rip Strip Pull

    Mailers are often times are 5x5" or 5x7" closed, but they can any size you'd like. We can leave an area unvarnished so you can do ink jet printing, or we can do the address printing for you. Mailers generally have a zipper pull strip. Tear off post cards, pop up discs, cellophane windows, and business reply cards are all options too.
    cd mailer zipper rip strip pull Christian cd mailer zipper pullMailer rip strip zipper pull close up church cd mailer thanksgivingchurch cd mailer zipper rip strip pull cd pop up mailer christian media publishingcd mailer address area on back pop up disc mailer business reply card cd dvddvd mailer cellophane windowdvd mailer address area on back rip stripcd mailer tear off postcard widemailer tear off postcard perforatedwide dvd mailer address areawide dvd disc mailer rip strip zipper pull

  • Business Cards, Pencils, Stencils, Stickers

    We do other fun add on's too!
    stencil cd album packaging vintagebusiness cards cd dvd packaging spot gloss embossingpencil cd dvd packaging set

  • Greeting Cards & Envelopes

    Churches and ministries might want to make greeting cards for a variety of reasons...perhaps baptism, Christmas, birthdays, perhaps sadder occasions. We can create a disc and card for you with an envelope ready to be printed. Min order 300 units. christian cd greeting card anvelopechristian cd greeting card music creditscd greeting card envelope